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Shuksan Rod Company bamboo fly rods

 “Something within fisherman tries to make fishing into a world perfect and apart– I don’t know what it is or where, because sometimes it is in my arms and sometimes in my throat and sometimes nowhere in particular except someplace deep”

Norman MacLean, A River Runs Thru It

Shuksan Rod Company
bamboo fly rods are made in Bellingham, Washington– an old bay side town below the high alpine of the North Cascades.  Each rod is entirely handmade, one at a time, deliberately crafted with an eye for the history and traditions of the trade.  And, perhaps, in an attempt to make something perfect and apart.

…a split-cane bamboo fly rod.  It can take you in and out of time. To a world aside.  To a world apart.

To the other side of Wonder.

Casting with split-cane turns time around.  Suspends it.  Removes from the moment the progressive.  Disregards along with it the synthetic.   The rod is as ancestral to the Earth as the rivers it reaches out to.  A fly fisherman’s longing for both, at once anointed, tied to them by a blade of grass in silk wrappings.

I make bamboo fly rods for the same reasons I wade into rivers.  Maybe for the same reasons you wade into them.  Not to catch a fish, so much.  But for a fish to catch me.   To drag me into its liquid alpine.  Take me into its timelessness.  Its cold and clean.   Blue and green.  To feel a wet Earth; to see if I can feel some pulse in the easy runs and riffles…see if I can get lost and found in the rhythm of a cast; taken to the other side of Wonder.
(~10% of every rod sale donated to environment-oriented nonprofits


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