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Visits to 'Shuksan Rod Co.'

I am so happy to have a piece printed in the 20th anniversary issue of The Drake Magazine!  The piece alone means enough to me by itself, it originally began as a poem for a friend and in the way of things grew from there into a story that included an umbrella of friends.   “Once” is a true story, about a boy behind the register at a little fly shop in B’ham that is no longer, but the brick and mortar is still there and so is the boy I think, and still there is the creek a few blocks away he fished in, and over the course of things I made him a split-cane fly rod.

I’ve been fortunate, not in the way of fortunes, but in the way of close friends and a handful of those friends are in this issue as well, friends I love as blood brothers…Chris Dombrowski, David James Duncan, and Jeffery Foucault and the three of us are casting our rods in here to the kick beat of a Death Cab song we can’t get out of our heads.



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