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Most of you know this story…  Ten, eleven, years ago I accidentally stumbled on Jeff’s first record, “Miles from the Lightning” and I listened to it so much when making rods that I swore the rods themselves became tuning forks to its frequency, listened so much that I felt obligated to split my Shuksan royalties (ha!) and so shared  a recording of his on my blog.  It wasn’t a few days later received a kind email from the man himself offering to trade show tickets for some time on the river next he was near Seattle. We became fast friends and made some fast friends together along the way.

As I’ve said so many times, one of the best trades I’ll ever make. I spend as much time inside music as I do in water, and there just isn’t a finer singer/songwriter working today.

It takes no energy at all to take stock in what you spent money on yesterday.  If you’re like all of us (sad as it is), you mostly bought a lot of nonsense that you’ll just consume and not have tomorrow or next year.  So why not spent a few dollars and buy something you’ll hang on to and buy a record.  Click the link below to get Jeff’s newest record, Blood Brothers, and some other cool stuff that goes with it, including calligraphy pens I made for him out of scraps of bamboo fly rods.

And thank you everyone for keeping artist working.


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