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Salt as Wolves is the fifth collection of original songs from singer/songwriter Jeffrey Foucault, and now you’re able to receive this album weeks before its official release as well as get an exclusive glimpse into the artist and his work through interviews, video’s etc.

Please check out this site and contribute accordingly, (it’ll be among the more worthwhile things you do today.

Everyone who knows me knows I’ve long, long been a fan.  His music has a predominant place in our home’s soundtrack, (a home where music is always on).  He’s a hell of a guy, I’ll vouch for him without reservation, and he knows his way around a river with a fly rod. He represents all things good in American music, in America period for that matter. Don’t take it from me though, here’s a sample of what others have already said about the man and his craft…

“first saw Foucault play in a little Missoula theatre years ago, when many of us who grew up spinning our elders’ albums—Townes and Dylan, John Prine and Greg Brown—wandered around dolorously wondering when the next real songwriter would come along. Stetson sweaty, that little vagabond spark in his eye, he spun out a long Beam-fueled set and when it was over I walked out into the warm rain and thought, Damn. So that’s where he’s been. Since then Foucault has given American poetry some of its most vital lines and his musical searchings have become touchstones of density and durability. On this new record—his most poignant, honest, even scathing—his cry is a belt of pure blue Wisconsin lake ice with a back of December sunlight angling through bare limbed birches. Not so much penned as lived, these songs—about a show played perfectly to an empty bar, the real ones who die with nothing half the time—offer listeners that rare artistic combination of a voice and a world. And while there’s nothing not lonely about these songs, you can’t hear them and feel remotely alone. Here is our hurricane lamp, the heart whose flame won’t go out, whatever the wind. Hold it close.”

-Chris Dombrowski (from the liner notes to SALT AS WOLVES)

“There is an uncanny charm to this man that is as captivating as hearing Bruce Springsteen live… sounds of The Band and the night howls of Neil Young… but better than that is his fierce, undying and unwavering pull…We were treated to more than music”

-The Huffington Post

“Foucault’s voice, and his themes, are gruff, sombre, and deep, and his accompanying musicians, including the Pretenders’ Eric Heywood, on pedal steel, create a sparse, dramatic soundscape.”

-The New Yorker Magazine

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