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Call down your gods  / warm light shifts to black  / stardust or clouds is a woman who watched /  a flinch in the wrong direction like a blink the choice wasn’t mine  /  lost and ellusive as night  / hidden to fate /  go  /  the old god fire / old as time falls like sin /  and taken  /  let go  / she stood by and still / now the canyon wind my wake behind  /  the ripples to show you how / is all I ever ask / of the heavens / my water on the fly / born of water / who is father of whom /  sons you choose me / from where you came / from where I went / a flinch in the right direction / the choice was yours / lost and ellusive as night / you are my gods / black light shifts to warm / the old god fire / old as time rises like grace / from where you came / she left / where you are I am.

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