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Patagonia, a model company


I still wear what is now phrased their ‘retro fleece’  that I’ve had it since I was 14 years old.  I’m 33 now and that sheepskin looking garment has been with me at every outside-step of the outside-way for nearly 20 years. To countless rivers and streams, that fleece has blanketed me as much as the memories.

As a company, Patagonia has set the bar for corporate social and ecoresponsibility, and is leading by a noteworthy example.   We’d all do well to try and follow suit.

Of course you’ve heard of the company, but check them out online…. there’s incredible stuff on there, so please continue to support their efforts and follow their lead.

Its well worth following.  Nevermind that their clothing and equipment is handsdown the best stuff out there.

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