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When I set out creating this site I had only one goal in mind; to create a place that leaves people feeling like they’re standing in a trout stream.  I wanted my love of rivers, and the alpine, to spill into every word and photograph.

Hopefully, spilling over to you as well.  Inspiring you to get outside.  Go walk into rivers. 


Find wonder.

There is a lot of language on this site,  intentionally.  I didn’t want to make it something commercial, rather make it an extension of a Shuksan fly rod, and all that goes into it; books, the writing, photography, conservation, rod making… they’re all tied together, inseparable from each other.

The site will be updated regularly, so look at it from time to time.   Information about the most recent rods will be posted, along with photographs. The photographs are best viewed on new computers set to the highest resolution, for a ‘true to life image.’  All photographs are of Shuksan rods, and each is the property of the company and cannot be used without its permission.   

In the “Posts, thoughts…” section you will find archived posts organized into different groups, all of which are added to regularly with new information.

Thanks for taking a look– but at the same time…ready for some irony…turn off the computer and get outside.


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