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My brother and I would have preferred to start learning how to fish by going out and catching a few, omitting entirely anything difficult or technical in the way of preparation that would take away from the fun. But it wasn’t by way of fun that we were introduced to our father’s art. If our father had had his say, nobody who did not know how to fish would be allowed to disgrace a fish by catching him.

Norman MacLean, A River Runs Thru It

some bullets on the subject.  I know there are others…let me know ones I’ve omitted.  These apply to catch-and-release, conservation fishing, to prevent damage to the trout and ensure their healthy release.  Even many fly fisherman are unaware that improper handling often results in the death of the fish after release.

  • keep the rod at 30 degrees to the river surface when landing a fish, rarely more than 45 degrees, to avoid over stressing the rod
  • Big rod bends WILL damage the rod
  • Use a net to land fish, always avoid landing fish with big bends in the rod
  • Nets allow you to reach farther to gather the fish.
  • Not all bamboo rods are designed the same, the individual taper dictates how much bending force it can tolerate before snapping.  Modern rods, new ones, are made stiffer and faster than classic rods, improving their casting performance but sacrificing their ability to really bend when landing fish.
  • don’t intentionally cast to fish larger than your rod is designed to handle
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