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Over time, especially with heavy use the rods finish will dull, scuff, and it is a good idea from time to time to ‘clean it up.’  This is easy to do with some cotton cloth and polish.

First, wipe the rod clean with a lint free cloth and a little mineral spirits (JUST a little!) to cut any grease, oil, grime.  Use a q-tip in the same way around and under the guides.  Wipe it clean again with a dry cloth, and allow it to dry completely (should only take a few minutes)

Then use either TownTalk orange wax or 3M Perfect-It glaze, and apply it sparingly to the rod with a cotton cloth.  Rub it onto the rod shaft using friction to generate heat.  Be careful near the guides and wraps not to snag or bump them.  Again, use a q-tip to work under and around guides.  Once the wax is well worked onto the shaft and around the guides allow it to sit for a few minutes.  Then in the same fashion wipe off the excess wax and buff with a clean clotton cloth to bring back a nice satin gloss.

The metal hardware can also be polished, as it is nickle-silver and will dull (a look some desire).  This is best done with a sunshine cloth, or 3M Perfect-It.  Be careful not to get liquid polish inside the female ferrule, or if this happens to clean it out with a q-tip and mineral spirits.  And do not use other metal polishes, as the chemicals too often strip away the rod’s varnish.

Of course, you can always make arrangements with me and I will polish out the rod and if needed put a fresh coat of varnish on- it will look like new again.

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